StReAV is a free software that runs on linux, used to store and retrieve useful information, in the form of audio and video, by using image recognition. StReAV captures audio and video from a device, which is clamped onto the collar of a shirt, and plugged into a computer, mobile phone or a PDA/handheld device.

StReAV can be utilized for a variety of applications, such as to maintain a 'visual' diary or log book, to find information about a particular object or feature, such as a monument at a tourist spot; also to compare and find more information on anything by looking at the feedback put up by other users of the software, on the common public StReAV server. A person attending an important conference in Japan can send updated information to his colleagues in France through the web server. Appointments can be stored visually. Users of StReAV can recognize objects/places/faces to the program, in order to increase its knowledgebase. The program will then use this knowledgebase and its processing routines to give results that the user wants to see.